welcome !

if you want to check my new project ‘mantra magnets‘, this is a video of our first ‘concert’ recorded in January 2021

another new project: a duo with jozef dumoulin ( we’ve been playing together since more than 20 years I think and we did our very first ‘concert’ in duo in January 2021/  you can listen here for a preview of our upcoming first CD

  if you landed here because you want to know a bit more about OCTURN, here you go: www.octurn.com / the site contains a large selection of materials from our recent projects and you can order CDs if interested / I’ve been directing this ensemble for many years now / we recorded new material in July 2021, Joris Roelofs joined the band on a series of new compositions, I hope we can play a lot with this nice project / you can check Octurn’s most recent release ‘GAMELAN’  = a collaboration between Octurn and the contemporary ensemble Ictus ( actually a project that took place 12 years ago but that just came out ) I wrote the music, freely inspired by the modus operandi of the gamelan music / 

if you landed here because you are curious about my current research project, the full scope of my thesis will be available on this site by the end of 2022 so if you are interested, stay tuned as I will be feeding the above menu step by step

if you landed here because you heard about a weird project featuring Tibetan singing monks, take some time to dive into this amazing website

if you landed here because you want to know more about my documentary film on the great filmmaker Satyajit Ray and his photographer Nemai Ghosh, and you want to watch the film or explore the archives, here you go: http://manikda.space

if you have no idea how or why you landed here, my name is Bo van der Werf, besides my full-time job as a happy father of 3 beautiful girls, I play baritone saxophone, I try to compose nice music and I teach at the Conservatory of Antwerpen and the Luca School of Arts in Leuven / these are some of the projects I am happy to be currently participating in:

TONNETZ: https://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~faure/Modelisation_musicale/index.xhtml

Lynn Cassiers ‘YUN’ : https://lynncassiers.com/yun/

The Workshop : http://www.stephanepayen.com

Lidlboj : http://www.jozefdumoulin.com