– my thesis is now available on this website, all pages are on-line / happy to share after a 5-years doctorate research at the university of LEUVEN / all in french though…plan is to do a version in english, but i need help for that / looking forward to receiving feedback !

– very happy to be artist-in-residence for 2 years at LE PETIT FAUCHEUX (2024-2025) some great project in the making  ! more info soon !!

– check ‘speaking kindly’,a duo with jozef dumoulin, released in october 2022 on PEE WEE ( CHOC in jazzmagazine november 2022 )

– currently artist-in-residence at WALTER,  a great venue in brussels for adventurous music, where i am working on different projects : THE VERESS VARIATIONS ( variations on the string trio of sandor veress, creation concert @BOZAR on april 19th ), working on a new repertoire with jozef dumoulin ( summer 2023 ) and a quintet with some very inspiring musicians: antoine pierre, nathan wouters, jean-paul estievenart and joao barradas (december 2023)

– for those interested : I just uploaded our concert with OCTURN at KLAENG festival in Köln on november 2022 with the inspiring bass clarinetist joris roelofs as guest, and with the usual partners-in-crime jozef dumoulin on keyboards, fabian fiorini on piano and dré pallemaerts on drums / if you want to listen : visit the ‘listen’ page

 – if you landed here because you want to know a bit more about OCTURN: , contains a large selection of materials from our recent projects and you can order cds if interested / I’ve been directing this ensemble for many years now / our latest project was created in april 2023 ‘the sandor verses’ , at BOZAR in brussels and palais des beaux-arts de charleroi / and recorded in paris for the PEE WEE label, for a new CD release planned in spring 2024 / bass clarinetist joris roelofs and a beautiful string trio ( eugenie defraigne on cello, laure bardet on violin and esther coorevits on alto ) join us on a series of new compositions, freely inspired by the string trio of hungarian composer sandor veress. In the meantime you can listen to this nice project / you can check octurn’s most recent release ‘GAMELAN’  = a collaboration between octurn and the contemporary ensemble ictus ( actually a project that took place 12 years ago but that just came out ) I wrote the music, freely inspired by the modus operandi of the gamelan music

– if you landed here because you heard about a mysterious project featuring Tibetan singing monks, take some time to dive into this amazing website

– check the  ‘mantra magnets‘ project / this is a video of our first (ever!) ‘concert’ recorded in January 2021

– if you landed here because you want to know more about my documentary film on the great filmmaker satyajit ray and his photographer nemai ghosh, and you want to watch the film or explore the archives, here you go:

– if you have no idea how or why you landed here, my name is bo van der werf, besides my full-time job as a happy father of 3 beautiful girls, I play baritone saxophone, I try to compose nice music and I share my passion at the conservatory of antwerpen / these are some of the projects I am happy to play with :


lynn cassiers ‘YUN’ :

the workshop :

lidlboj :